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About Us

Welcome at the Department of Landscape Architecture

Department of Landscape Architecture (Polish abbreviation KAK) derives from the Unit of Landscape Architecture and Parks’ Expertise founded in 1930 by professor Franciszek Krzywda–Polkowski.

Head of department:

dr. Jan Łukaszkiewicz

Experienced academic staff of landscape architects:

  • 1 full professor
  • 2 associate professors
  • 14 assistant professors
  • 3 PhD students
  • 1 administration

Main fields of research:

  • Design methods and techniques
  • Environmental studies for landscape and spatial planning
  • Legal bases for landscape planning and design
  • Construction and maintenance methods for urban and open landscape
  • Historic gardens and landscape studies, preservation and revalorization concepts and methods

At the Department of Landscape Architecture there are 2 specialisations (studying profiles) at the second degree of studies (M.Sc.):

  • landscape design and planning
  • landscape construction and maintenance

Education program adapted to contemporary trends and market requirements.



Nowoursynowska 159 (Building 37 - 3rd floor)

02-776 Warsaw POLAND

tel. +48 22 59 321 91 fax +48 22 59 321 92

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.