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The 90th anniversary of LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE  in WULS-SGGW


Landscape Architecture at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences is the oldest in Poland and one of the first higher education centers for landscape architects in Europe *. 

*ECLAS Guidance on Landscape Architecture Education, Tuning Landscape Architecture Education in Europe, Version 26, 2010.

The beginnings of the high education level in the field of landscape architecture date back to the 1929/1930 academic year, when specialization in the design and arrangement of parks and gardens at the Faculty of Horticulture was established. It was initiated by lectures and exercises in the field of Parks' Expertise conducted earlier (the academic year 1928/1929).
Profile of the so-called "Ursynów school of landscape architecture" (this name was used to define the direction in the post-war years in connection with the new seat in the palace and park complex in Warsaw's Ursynów, 1956) was shaped by several generations of outstanding professionals who contributed to the development of landscape architecture in Poland.
Among them is Prof. Franciszek Krzywda-Polkowski - the founder of the faculty at SGGW, the creator of the park in Żelazowa Wola, and other prominent designers, incl. Prof. Alfons Zielonko - an influential advocate of locating the Warsaw University of Life Sciences in Ursynów; Zygmunt Hellwig - park designer in pre-war Warsaw and an outstanding expert in plants; Alina Scholtz - co-founder of the International Federation of Landscape Architecture (IFLA); Prof. Władysław Niemirski, who represents mature modernism; Ludwik Lawin - lover and expert in garden plants and ecological issues; Prof. Longin Majdecki - an outstanding conservator of historical gardens; Prof. Edward Bartman - a designer-humanist. 
Over the years, the Warsaw University of Life Sciences' landscape architecture has become a "forge" of many generations of adepts and a leading center for developing theory at the interface with practice. In current annual national Ranking "Perspektywy 2020", the Landscape Architecture WULS-SGGW, once again, achieved an honorable first place in the group of universities educating in this field. 


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