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Research projects

COST projects

Forests, their Products and Services

  • E33 Forest for recreation and nature tourism (2004-2008) Agata Cieszewska, Renata Giedych
  • E42 Growing Valuable Broadleaved Tree Species (2004-2008) Agata Cieszewska
  • FP1106 STReESS - Studying Tree Responses to extreme Events: a SynthesiS (2012-2016) Marzena Suchocka

Transport and urban development

  • C11 Green Structure and Urban Planning (2000-2004) Barbara Szulczewska, Ewa Kaliszuk
  • TUD358 Pedestrians’ Quality Needs (PQN) (2006-2010) Magdalena Błaszczyk
  • C 27 Sustainable development policies for minor deprived urban communities (2007-2010) Renata Giedych
  • TU0902 Integrated assessment technologies to support the sustainable development of urban areas (2009-2013) Barbara Szulczewska, Renata Giedych
  • TU1201Urban AllotmentGardens in European Cities - Future, Challenges and Lessons Learned (2012-2016) Renata Giedych, Gabriela Maksymiuk, Beata J. Gawryszewska, Monika Latkowska
  • TD1106 Urban Agriculture Europe (UAE) (2012-2016) Barbara Szulczewska, Agata Cieszewska
  • TU1204 People Friendly Cities in a Data Rich World (2013-2017) Gabriela Maksymiuk
  • TU1306 Fostering knowledge about the relationship between Information and Communication Technologies and Public Spaces supported by strategies to improve their use and attractiveness (CYBERPARKS) (2014-2018) Gaberiela Maksymiuk, Kinga Kimic

Individuals, Societies, Cultures and Health

  • IS1204 Tourism, Wellbeing and Ecosystem Services (TObeWELL) (2012-2016) Agata Cieszewska

Abstract of major research projects

Błaszczyk M. Pedestrians' Quality Needs (European Program COST Action 358)

The research carried within COST Action 358 concerned a social role of street greenery. The street greenery is perceived as a factor influencing an improvement of street quality, and the same, as a reason for people’s willingness and ability to move. The research results will be published as a book chapter dealing with conditions that must be fulfilled to satisfy pedestrians' quality needs.

Cieszewska A., Giedych R., Dudek-Klimiuk J. Perfecting of landscape structure research methods.

The research is aimed to determine abilities of use of the landscape structure research methods, which are applied in landscape architecture branch, and employ in nature conservation planning. In 2009, a landscape inventory and also an analysis of landscape structure for Chęcińsko – Kielecki Regional Park were prepared. The landscape structure model, which was based on above studies, is a fifth analysis worked out for Chęcińsko – Kielecki Regional Park.

Giedych R., Sustainable Development Policies of Minor Deprived Urban Communities (European Program COST Action C27)

In 2009 the carried research dealt with threats for sustainable development and problems concerning the implementation of sustainable development policy in small municipalities. The results of research related to Poland were presented at international conference as a poster.

Kimic K., Giedych R., Szumański M., Rosłon-Szeryńska E., Gawłowska A., Łukaszkiewicz J. Revitalisation of housing estates.

The research is a continuation of studies on diagnosis of issues concerning present functioning of housing estates, which were designed and erected in the post-war period, mainly 1970s and 1980s. The studies concentrate on recreational aspects, mainly dealing with recreational possibilities offered for estate dwellers. The research results are used during instruction courses organized for selected Polish building societies.

Maksymiuk G., Szulczewska B., Wolski P., Szumańki M., Giedych R., Kosmala M., Łukaszkiewicz J. Valorisation of Warsaw parks.

In 2009, the evaluation method of city parks and green squares, which was elaborated in 2008, has been checked in practice, and as a result a valorisation of 72 Warsaw parks was carried. The research results dealt with a several groups of aspects: recreational functioning of a park, safety and technical conditions of all park’s elements, its environmental, cultural and historical values. The results of valorisation will constitute a base for a management policy of Warsaw parks.

Szumański M., Giedych R. Legal determinants of landscape modeling in Poland – Tree in the landscape, selected legal aspects.

The research is a continuation of legal acts survey, dealing with modeling of plantings and trees protection in urban areas. The results will be published in “Krajobraz z paragrafem” series (“Landscape with a paragraph”), which is addressed to all practitioners dealing with the landscape modeling in Poland.

Szulczewska B., Giedych R., Cieszewska A. Environmental determinants of landscape modeling within regional planning.

The research is aimed to improve methods of determination of spatial environmental predispositions to fulfill specific functions. In 2009, the methods of environmental preconditions evaluation, in the context of regional spatial development, were worked out. The elaborated methods were implemented in an environmental study for Mazovia region.

Szulczewska B. Biological active area ratio as a standard for residential areas planning

The aim of research is to investigate possibilities and conditions to establish biological active area ratio as a standard for residential areas planning. In 2008 the 18 key areas had been chosen in Warsaw (existing residential estates with about 50 %; 30 %, 20% of biologically active areas) and then inventory of the key areas was taken. The inventory included: land cover (included vegetation), soil and hydrological conditions, fauna (butterflies). Collected data had been put into the data base.